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Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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Bordeaux, Rue Théodore Ducos, Family D.C.

The host family: Erwan is a 46 year old computer engineer married to Alyette, who...

Rue Théodore Ducos, Bordeaux, France,

Bordeaux, Allée des Mésanges. Family P

Yolande, 64 years old, divorced and retired. She is accompanied by her cat. They love...

Allée des Mésanges, Floirac, France,

Bordeaux, rue Croix de Seguey, Family L.H

Patricia is 56 and an interior designer. She has 2 daughters who live partly at...

Rue Croix Seguey, Bordeaux, France,

Bordeaux, rue Laharpe, Le Bouscat, Famille D.

Nicolás, 52, IT and logistics project manager, and Elodie, 49, hypnotherapist. Married with 3 children,...

Rue Laharpe, Le Bouscat, France,

Bordeaux, Avenue Jules Guesde, le Bouscat. Family P

Xavier, 65, retired and Bénédicte, 59, orthophonist, married with 4 children, only one of whom...

Avenue Jules Guesde, Le Bouscat, France, district

Bordeaux, rue Clérambault. Family PS

Marie-Lyne, social worker in companies. Single, with a child who does not currently live in...

Rue Clérambault, Bordeaux, France, district